Spring 2020 Update !

We hope this finds everyone doing well and holding up during these unique and difficult times.  Square Eddy Expeditions is a proud member of the Hudson River Professional Outfitters Association and values the safety and health of our clients and guides above all else.  Unfortunately, due to impact of the covid-19 pandemic, and the importance of taking proper precautions the HRPOA along with Square Eddy, have made the decision to postpone the 2020 rafting season.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will be sure to provide updates on the whitewater season as we continue to get updates from health professionals and our local government agencies.  Nature has so much to offer and we hope to share the Central Adirondacks and Hudson River’s positive energy in the near future.  On this journey we truly hope and are optimistic that we all have good times and peace in our future.  Please be kind and take care of one another.  More news to come.

Peace & protection,

Linc & Lori Phoebe     

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday

Great news!  We operate four days a week from the first week in April through the second week in October!  ” Come Find Your Own Peace of Nature”

Hiking the Hudson River Gorge

With our new hike in- raft out expedition we’ve been spending a lot of time at OK Slip Falls and hiking all over the 2,800 acre OK Slip and Blue Ledge parcel.  When you’re standing on the top of the falls you’re looking north east. Across the river, Kettle Mountain which has a steep and rocky top within view of the falls. That spot has been a target for a hiking destination since I first started spending time on the river.

Hiking Hudson River Gorge

Hike the Hudson River Gorge

I made a point to make this hike happen on May 22.  We had a full day planned, the day began in Newcomb and we were traveling to North Creek for a total of 30 river miles.  The reflections were crystal clear in the calm waters upstream.  My mother Lucy, Lori Phoebe and I worked our way downstream enjoying all the natural beauty and pulled our raft over when it was time to find the view I have been so curious about.

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