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Square Eddy Rafts 2022

  Square Eddy Expeditions has been working continually to try to dial in our fleet of boats throughout our first 10 years of existence.  We have a huge variation in water that comes through our local waterways and it’s important that our boats are ready to go whenever and whatever the water level may be…

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July 11, 2022

Come join us for a picnic lunch at Square Eddy Expeditions

We include a 16+ mile whitewater rafting adventure on the Indian and Hudson Rivers. Find yourself immersed in the Adirondack Wilderness without having to work very hard. Beauty surrounding you everywhere you look and rushing water at your feet. A healthy, hearty locally roasted turkey wrap in one hand and a homemade pink lemonade in…

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June 2, 2022

SEE is Back & Ready for 2021

Square Eddy Expeditions is back on the Hudson River in 2021!! We’re excited and ready to go for a fun, positive and safe season!  Our days of operation are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  From day one we have been committed to running a safety first trip and this season we will of course be following all the safety protocols and guidelines for our industry that all members of the Hudson River Professional Outfitters Association will be following.  Everyone has had a memorable year and running consistent whitewater in a wilderness setting is a great combination for an adventure and time off from your other side of life. Get out and enjoy a beautiful whitewater run or a raft supported hike in the Adirondacks with Square Eddy Expeditions! “Come find your own peace of nature”   Covid Protocols Private boats…

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April 28, 2021

Spring 2020 Update !

We hope this finds everyone doing well and holding up during these unique and difficult times.  Square Eddy Expeditions is a proud member of the Hudson River Professional Outfitters Association and values the safety and health of our clients and guides above all else.  Unfortunately, due to impact of the covid-19 pandemic, and the importance of taking proper precautions the HRPOA along with Square Eddy, have made the decision to postpone the 2020 rafting season.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will be sure to provide updates on the whitewater season as we continue to get updates from health professionals and our local government agencies.  Nature has so much to offer and we hope to share the Central Adirondacks and Hudson River’s positive energy in the near future.  On this journey we truly hope and are optimistic…

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March 25, 2020

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday

Great news! We operate four days a week from the first week in April through the second week in October! ” Come Find Your Own Peace of Nature”

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August 10, 2018

Hiking the Hudson River Gorge

With our new hike in- raft out expedition we’ve been spending a lot of time at OK Slip Falls and hiking all over the 2,800 acre OK Slip and Blue Ledge parcel.  When you’re standing on the top of the falls you’re looking north east. Across the river, Kettle Mountain which has a steep and rocky top within view of the falls. That spot has been a target for a hiking destination since I first started spending time on the river. I made a point to make this hike happen on May 22.  We had a full day planned, the day began in Newcomb and we were traveling to North Creek for a total of 30 river miles.  The reflections were crystal clear in the calm waters upstream.  My mother Lucy, Lori Phoebe and I worked our way downstream enjoying…

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May 23, 2014

Hike to OK Slip Falls then Raft the Hudson!

We sure are having fun with our new expedition!  The 2,800 acre OK Slip parcel has an incredible amount to offer and every trip we have been learning so much from everybody that we have been lucky enough to spend the day with! Spring is always a special time of year with all the vegetation coming to life!   There are many unique characteristics about this hike and every trip we are all learning more and more.  The excitement when we are lucky to find the purple mountain saxifrage or other rarities that are only found on this parcel of land in all of New York… breathtaking! If this adventure intrigues you, check out our custom OK Slip Falls trips!

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May 14, 2014

Whitewater Derby Weekend in Review

Not only do we have a new expedition that is super fun but Derby weekend was special also!  The start of the down river race is always exciting with all the boaters fired up, ready to paddle downstream!  Most of them made it but the favorite ended up taking on some water that was to much for a duct tape patch to hold. Our local Chamber of Commerce worked with S.E.E. to offer free raft rides on the Hudson from North River to North Creek which was short and sweet but allowed some visitors to enjoy the river!  Live music, vendors and hot dogs were all on Main St throughout the weekend and all brought great energy to the community! A gathering on Sunday was a highlight for our friend and fellow guide Julia that is heading out of town…

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May 7, 2014

57th Whitewater Derby in North Creek!

Not only does Square Eddy have a new expedition to offer, but this weekend is also the 57th Whitewater Derby weekend.  Slalom races in North River on Saturday and a down river race on Sunday are just two of the scheduled events!  We’re looking forward to live music showcasing solo musicians on Saturday night. The North Country Hardship Fund is hosting the event at Tannery Pond so come out and support a foundation that has been so generous to our community. On top of all that action the Hudson is responding to all the rain we’ve had and will be running at an incredibly fun level all weekend!  The USGS gauge is predicting a 6′ (fun and powerful) river level. All of our friends that have been looking for big water, this is the weekend! Call us to reserve a…

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May 1, 2014

NEW Expedition: Hike to OK Slip Falls and Raft Out!

Hike in and raft out: Celebrate the beauty of the newly acquired state lands! This new expedition consists of an intermediate hike to the top of the OK Slip Falls for a restful break, lunch and breathtaking views of the falls. Then you’ll hike down to the Hudson River to meet your raft, running rapids and enjoying the float out which makes for a really special combo. Check our OK Slip Falls page for more information!

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April 28, 2014

Easter Weekend on The Upper Hudson

It was a little breezy out there on Saturday, but we layered up and set out for a great day. The river was around six feet which is a really fun level with great hits. Sweet Hit at The Bus stop with a hearty crew of eight. Guide Trainee Ashley sets us up for a…

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April 20, 2014