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OK Slip Falls Hike In – Raft Out Adventure

Quick Details

Private Boat 2-4 People
Per Additional Person up to 6

Hike & Raft in the Hudson River Gorge

“Hike in – raft out” on The Hudson River with Square Eddy Expeditions! This experience is a fun multi-sport adventure that explores New York State Land in the Town of Indian Lake. This combination trip begins with an intermediate hike to the top of one of New York’s tallest waterfalls, OK Slip Falls.

Our trail begins on the south side of Casey Mt. with switchback terrain along a beautiful hardwood forest filled with rare plants and just humming with wildlife.  This area is also a rich historic site of old-time garnet mining which you have to see to believe.

At the three-mile mark, the trail arrives at the overlook which has a spectacular view of OK Slip Falls! A perfect place to relax for a healthy, hearty hiker’s lunch.

Feel the energy of the falls and enjoy this special place before heading down the trail to the Hudson River to meet your raft. The distance from our lunch spot to the river is an additional mile making the total hiking distance four miles.  

Arriving at the river, you’ll be met with fresh fruit and homemade cookies which always helps changing into river mode. Once we’re outfitted for the river, a thorough safety talk and paddling instruction with your guide are a must to get ready for the next leg of this exciting adventure.

For the trip out, paddle rafts are available for high adventure. Or enjoy the luxury of being rowed downstream without having to paddle, just hang on and enjoy the ride.

You will whitewater raft through about eight miles of water consisting of flatwater and riffles with a mix of six Class II and III rapids. Throughout flatwater, there are a couple of swim holes (intentional swims) to cool you off after your hike.

This adventure is fun for hikers, rafters, waterfall lovers and all that enjoy the outdoors and open space.

All our expeditions are led by New York state-licensed guides.