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SEE is Back & Ready for 2021

Square Eddy Expeditions is back on the Hudson River in 2021!! We’re excited and ready to go for a fun, positive and safe season!  Our days of operation are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  From day one we have been committed to running a safety first trip and this season we will of course be following all the safety protocols and guidelines for our industry that all members of the Hudson River Professional Outfitters Association will be following.  Everyone has had a memorable year and running consistent whitewater in a wilderness setting is a great combination for an adventure and time off from your other side of life.

Get out and enjoy a beautiful whitewater run or a raft supported hike in the Adirondacks with Square Eddy Expeditions! “Come find your own peace of nature”


Covid Protocols

Private boats only

Lunches packed for specific boat

Masks required no exceptions! In common places and during transportation

All gear and surfaces at SEE and vehicles sanitized daily

Pre-Screening for guides and guests

Check in procedures have been modified

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