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Easter Weekend on The Upper Hudson

It was a little breezy out there on Saturday, but we layered up and set out for a great day.

a group of people on a raft in a body of water

The river was around six feet which is a really fun level with great hits.

a group of people riding on the back of a boat

Sweet Hit at The Bus stop with a hearty crew of eight.

Guide Trainee Ashley sets us up for a perfect run through Perry Ehler’s. You go Girl!

Look at all those excited happy faces!

a man riding on a raft in a body of water

Just for fun, a final surf almost sends our girl swimming but she recovers so we head to the take-out and the warm van.

Tired Raft Guide sitting in a patch of sun to warm her bones just like and old dog!

April 19 2014 guide

Thanks for a nice weekend to a group of very special people!