See OK Slip Falls!

This new hike-and-raft expedition is unique and exciting. Discover the newly acquired state lands in the central Adirondack town of Indian Lake with Square Eddy. This combination trip begins with an intermediate hike to the top of one of New York’s tallest waterfalls, OK Slip Falls.

View of OK Slip Falls

OK Slip Falls

The trail arrives at spot with a spectacular bird’s eye view of the cataract. Feel the energy of the falls and enjoy this special place before heading down the trail to the Hudson River to meet your raft.  This adventure is fun for hikers, rafters, waterfall lovers and all that enjoy the outdoors.

For the trip out, paddle rafts are available for high adventure. Or enjoy the luxury of being rowed downstream through six rapids and pleasant swift moving water without having to paddle, just hang on and enjoy the ride. All our expeditions are led by New York state licensed guides.

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OK Slip Falls Hike & Raft Rates


  • $150 per person for 2
  • $120 per person for 3 or more