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Adirondack Challenge this Weekend:Square Eddy is Excited to be Involved!

This weekend in the town of Indian Lake the first Adirondack Challenge is in full effect!  Check out the attached link for all the events going on this weekend in our area!  There will be a flat water canoe race on Indian lake that is nearly fifteen miles!  I’d like to be a part of the race but later in the day Square Eddy will have two boats racing in the Governor’s Invitational Whitewater Race, featuring state and local elected officials and other invited guests. 

This weekend will be a great celebration of a special part of the world and help spread the word that members of the Hudson River Professional Outfitters Association are running safety first trips on the Indian and Hudson River helping to preserve and protect the Central Adirondacks!  Keep an eye out for the quality live music! support local business and artists!     peace